Terms of Condition

Terms and conditions are rules abide by us (ABNO Australia) to the users (you) when accessing the website and using our services. When using the definitions of we, our, us, it is referred to as the company (ABNO Australia) and you or the user is referred to as the person who visits our websites for any reason.

The website (ABNO Australia) is operated by the staff of ABNO Australia and will be the only staff member besides the government officials to see personal details the user has provided through the application on the website. Users will only need to provide their details through the application on the website and nowhere else unless the given information is incorrect. In which we have the right to ask for the correct personal detail and fix the issue. However, if the user declines to fix the issue, we also have the right to deny and cancel your application.

ABNO Australia reserves the right to reassess and change any of the terms and conditions by updating this page at any time. Any changes to the Terms will take effect immediately from the date of their publication. Your access and use of the Website after ABNO Australia makes any changes constitute your acceptance of any such changes and you will be bound by those changes.

Disclaimer- We are not government officials or business advisors

We provide the general information that is also shown on our website, our goods and services and information provided by any staff members of ABNO Australia. This information is provided by third parties as well as government sites. Our staff will communicate in a professional manner but are not professional government officials or business advisors.

  • Usage of website
  • Accessibility and use of our website

The website is accessible publicly but users must use the website in a professional manner. Any third parties from the user must also use the website according to the terms and respect one another, including the staff of ABNO Australia.

Obligations and your rights

You are not allowed to: 
a) deconstruct, copy, reproduce, modify, and decode any part of the ABNO Australia website without the acknowledgement and consent of ABNO Australia, These include;

  • Attempting to breach the website security
  • Interfere with the process flow of the website
  • Gaining unauthorized access to the accounts or data on the website
  • Overloading the website with modified mods
  • Probing or testing for security vulnerabilities.

b) Use the website for any other purposes besides registering for an ABN, a business name and GST;
c) Operate the website in an illegal manner or create frauds or fraudulent activity;
d) Attempt to cause DOS (Denial of services) to all users including us from using the website. These include:

  • Spamming the forms and mails
  • Submitting a virus

e) Attempting to interfere with or disrupt the network or server on the website, making it inaccessible for all users;

f) Use the website for any commercial, marketing, media or promotional purposes unless it has been approved in a formal contract by a member of ABNO Australia;

g) behave in an attempt to ruin, belittle, and tarnish the reputation of ABNO Australia. This includes any associations or interested parties relating to ABNO Australia.


Users must have an account to access the goods and services produced by ABNO Australia. To register, the user must provide their personal details such as full name, address, email and phone number as well as any other form of contact. (what other information do they need to provide?)

After registering, the website will create an account for the user which will include the data provided by the user and any goods and services the user has purchased from the website

Upon registering and receiving the account, the user is responsible for:

  1. the confidentiality and security of their own account credentials;
  2. any activities such as registering or adding any extra goods and services through your account, whether they have been authorized by you or not;
  3. The live chat is accessible to you through your account to be used in accordance with these terms;
  4. Any information you provide to ABNO Australia is assumed to be accurate and up to date as well as from the authorized user that it is meant to be from.
  5. If ABNO Australia finds any suspicious activity or troubling behaviour, we reserve the right to contact you about the issue and to seek a resolution with you or suspend your account.
  6. Any failure to comply with the terms, ABNO Australia has the right to suspend or cancel your Account for any reason that is necessary;
  7. if you detect unusual behaviour on your account, please inform us right away
  8. We will not be responsible to you for, and expressly disclaim any liability for, any cost, loss, damages or expenses arising if you failed to maintain the security of your account information or password.
  9. You agree to release ABNO Australia from any and all liability for any loss or damage that arises out of or in connection with information you provide that is not accurate, honest, correct or up-to-date.

Intellectual Property

ABNO Australia and our licensors own the intellectual property rights of all content and information. It is prohibited to copy, transfer, modify or delete the content on our website without our permission, except in the case of storage or printing for personal or other specific use permitted under copyright law.

Trademarks, logos and product names are part of our intellectual property and cannot be used by others if not given permission by us.

Our services

You are aware and agree that our service is to lodging an application to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN), Business name or Goods and Services Tax settled on the information you have provided to us. You will recognize us as your registration agents who act on your behalf when in the process of providing the services. By using or ordering any of our services via the website, you also accept giving us your information in order to produce the service of getting you an ABN, Business name and GST.

We can also provide you support through phone or emails as well as live chat.  Users may contact us if there are any issues within the website or if they do not understand how to answer a question. However, any information provided by you that is not accurate is not the responsibility of ABNO Australia but the user who inputs the data in. ABNO Australia must be released from all liability for any loss or damage arising out of the inaccurate information you have given.

Though our team has administrations and an official Tax agent, we do not provide or claim to provide financial or legal advice. Any legal or accounting services are not offered by us.

We will begin the process of your ABN registration, business name and GST application within 8 business hours once we receive the required information from you.  We will act on your behalf to communicate with ATO (Australian Tax Office) as your registered tax agent. If by any means, the ATO rejects your application, we will review your application and will seek appropriate solutions if possible. We will also inform and update you until you obtain your ABN and then resign as your tax agent.

ABN registrations

As part of our tax agent services, we communicate with the ATO on your behalf. If there are any issues regarding your application, we will review the application and inform you as well as provide possible solutions to fix the issue. Within the ATO stipulates, we must wait after 28 days when the application has been submitted to contact ATO again to fix the issue and continue with the application.  You will receive the email response for your ABN within 8 business hours ( Monday to Friday, 10-6 pm) .

It is the user’s responsibility to avoid such wait time and mistakes by providing us with accurate and up to date information when applying the applications. The application will require details such as:

  • Business history
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birthday
  • Tax file number (if you do not have one, the process of identifying you might be slower)
  • Business location

If in any case, your application is rejected by the ATO and you wish to not proceed, we can provide a refund to you and cancel your application.

Once you registered the ABN on our website, you are agreed to give our tax agent permission to add you to the tax portal client list for registering GST, updating ABN details, cancelling ABN, and other services.

If you have already got an ABN number in the past which is still active, and you also registered a new ABN application with us, we would update your ABN details and change all previous ABN details to the current ABN details. This updating service costs the same as the new ABN registration service, which means that we would not provide you the refund for your ABN registration fee.

Business name registrations

If you have an ABN or in the process of getting an ABN by using our ABN application form, registering for a business name should take a couple of days as the ASIC will need to verify the business name to clarify that it has not been taken yet. You may need to wait up to 3 days for your ABN to appear on the ASIC website before registering your business name. You cannot register the business name by yourself within 3 days once you registered the business name with us, otherwise, the fee will not be refunded.

You can apply for a business name in which it must not be taken or trademarked. Any checks for business name availability will be done through the ASIC business name register (ASIC register). We are not responsible for the register if it experiences any technical difficulties or is having downtime maintenance.

If the business name of your choosing has been denied, you have the option to:

  1. Submit another business name instead,
  2. Cancel the business name application with a refund (except for administration charges of $40)

We will give you 10 days to reply to us about your decision if your business name denies, if you do not reply by then, we will proceed with step (4.2 (b)). If ASIC requests to manually review your business name, we are not responsible for any delays or if it becomes unsuccessful.

Any extra costs, damages or losses incurred by you as a result of your business name unavailability for registration are not liable to us. We will send your application as soon as possible as you submit your form to us. And we will update you if there are any issues within the delivery/review process of your business name application.

Registering a business name does not stop third parties from registering a similar trademark, business or company name. On your behalf, we will work with you to resolve any issues that appear on your application (though we cannot guarantee if it will be successful) if ASIC rejects or have questions about your business name application.

Keep in mind that you must receive an ABN before registering for a business name. If you fail to have an ABN beforehand, we may not be able to complete your Business Name Registration.

GST registrations

You do not need a GST unless your turnover is $75,000 a year and by law, you must register for a Good and Services Tax. You are then entitled to claim tax credits for the GST from products bought for your business.

We are not responsible for watching your turnover as we are only registered, tax agents.

  • Fees and charges
  • Fees

The fees are shown when applying for the ABN, Business name and GST application. It is the charge of our services. Any of other services such as courier by us or third parties will be separate and shown at the end total of the application.

All fees must be paid before submitting the application, if not, we have the right to refuse service to you before the payment is finalized.

Business name renewal fees and Refunds

If you are a new client and give us permission to renew your business name on your behalf, we will notify you of any relevant fees on your invoice. If you are an existing client, we will notify you when the renewal is due and the relevant fees.

Any Business Name cancellations must be notified before the application is completed and submitted. However, we reserve the right to deduct an admission fee ($35) before processing the refund.

ABN Registration Refunds 

Any ABN registration cancellations must be notified before the application is completed and submitted. However, we reserve the right to deduct an admission fee ($40) before processing the refund.

If the application is rejected due to incorrect or insufficient information, you may receive a maximum of 30% of the full cost of the application at our discretion.

If you have submitted an application to register for the ABN and it is rejected by the ATO, you have two choices. If you would like to proceed to fix the issue and resubmit your application, you must wait 28 days from the day you have submitted your application to submit it again.

However, if you have decided to cancel your registration application, we may offer you a refund  (except for administration charges of $40) and terminate any ongoing applications.


The privacy policy which includes these terms applies to all information that is gathered from the user. You can view them in the privacy policy on the footer.

Limitation of liability

When you have started to open this website, apply and use the goods and services we offer, that is your own risk. You agree that any damage or loss created, we are not liable for it.

The work provided by us is made in an effort to ensure you provide accurate information to get your ABN as soon as possible. However, we are not liable for any delays or rejections from the government authorities or ATO if a problem relating to the information you have provided arises.

We are responsible for proceeding with the necessary procedures in order to obtain your ABN number and other documentation (if necessary), completed under the steps given by the customer on the questionnaires in the application. Any written agreement error, fault, or lack of good faith will not apply to ABNO Australia under any circumstances.

We are not liable if you lose connection to the network and lose the process of the application as you are responsible for your own network usage as well as downloading anything from the website. Users are expected to be using a safe network as any user risking to use the public network and become infected with a computer virus or third parties computers from the website, it is not our responsibility or be liable for it.

As the owner of your business, you are responsible for picking your own business name and not infringing any third party’s registered name or trademark. We are not involved or will be involved if there are any legal claims in respect of breach relating to the use of your business name.

Third-party sites

The third-party sites might appear on the website which cannot be controlled by us. These links to the third party sites are only for convenience so the user does not get confused upon finding the right third parties associated with us. However, we are not responsible for the content, representatives or warranties on the third-party site. Having any connections to the third-party site does not entail that:

– they are in a partnership with us

– they are not authorized to use any of our brand, trademark, copyrights or logos, etc. (However, we have the right to use brans, trademarks, copyrights or logos of the third party sites)

At your own risk, you will leave our website if you decide to link to a third-party site.


We have the right to terminate your account if it is found under any suspicious activity or if you have breached the terms with a notice beforehand.

Disputes and chargebacks 

Any disputes and chargebacks that are filed by your bank or with your card company will be considered as a breach of our terms and conditions. The payment has not been fulfilled, therefore we will begin to revoke your application for ABN, Business Name and GST filed by us on your behalf.

Bank disputes: If you have received the full services on time, but you request a bank dispute to get your money back. We have the right to cancel the service that we provided, which means you give our tax agent the permission to add you to the client list and then cancel your ABN number that we registered for you. We don’t take responsibility for the consequences of your service cancelling.